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Heart of a Camellia, Greeting Card

The beautiful camellia flower symbolizes eternal love and protection. This card is ideal for expressions of love, good wishes, and condolences
Heart of A Camellia

The beloved camellia (camellia japonica) is found in gardens throughout the southern United States. Originally from Asia, the camellia provides a stellar show of color during the winter. This flower is from a memorial in a private garden in New Orleans.

This card has a special "see-through" image on the inside, appearing as though the front image can be seen through cover. It has no greeting text inside, so it can be used for any occasion.

Image Information:
Private Garden, New Orleans, Louisiana
(C) Image copyright Alan D. Ezkovich, Photographer
(C) Copyright L'Atelier Mondial, LLC
  • Modelo: LAM00112GC
  • Marca: L'Atelier Mondial