Cormorant, Photograph

A silhouette of a cormorant, a bird that has a wide and varied symbolism in history and literature, is a great accent piece to your home or office.

The double-crested cormorant is an easily recognized bird, often found warming itself with its wings spread. The cormorant has a lyrical history as well, finding itself in European coats of arms (representing the Christian cross) and Milton's Paradise Lost (in which Satan enters Eden as a cormorant for his first effort at tempting Eve).

Standard print size is 16x16 inches. Actual image size is approximately 14.5x14.5 inches, and is enclosed is a thin red border. Also available as an unframed 20x20 inch print, with an image size of 16x16 inches, or 10x10 inch print, with a proportionally smaller image.

Location: Audubon Park Rookery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
(c) Copyright Alan D. Ezkovich, Photographer
  • Model: LAM00101PH
  • Manufacturer: L'Atelier Mondial