American White Ibis 1, Photograph

A symbol of speed and resilience, this portrait of an American White Ibis is a bird-lover's dream.
American White Ibis

The American White Ibis (also known in south Louisiana as the bec croche or petit flaman) is a sleek and speedy flyer. They have the reputation of being the last wildlife to leave before a hurricane and the first to return after a storm passes. The legend must be true, as Hurricane Katrina seems to have had little impact on their presence in New Orleans.

Standard print size is 16x20 inches. Actual image size is approximately 13x16 inches, and is surrounded by a thin red outline and a thick white border.  Also available in 8x10, with proportionally smaller image area.

Location: Audubon Park Rookery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
(c) Copyright Alan D. Ezkovich, Photographer.
  • Model: LAM00107PH
  • Manufacturer: L'Atelier Mondial